Episodes Season 1 1-Seven Houses, Seven Places 2-The Prince Of Winterflard 3-Life or Death 4-Welcome to Paradise 5-Seven Houses, Seven Problems 6-Welcome to Hell 7-Children's Fate 8-The Killer Of His Family 9-Power and Justice 10-Violence and Blood Season 2 1-Death's Daughter 2-The Bear and The Maiden 3-What is Dead May Not Be Forgotten 4-The Dark Child 5-The Ghost of Shadowtown 6-The Previous Gods and The New 7-A Man Without A Soul 8-Caethweision 9-Bloodbattle 10-Alle Slaven Moeten Sterven Episode Table Characters Remmington Jenna Remmington Groves Remmington Julien Remmington Scarlet Remmington Iain Remmington Zehan Remmington Eddie Remmington Tattersall Fabien Tattersall Feerah Tattersall Shania Tattersall Pawel Tattersall Toby Tattersall(DEAD) Kimberley Joseph Kimberley Elena Kimberley Anneliese Kimberley Kayleb Kimberley Amari Kimberley Cavan Kimberley Ainsworth Kayle Ainsworth Ronald Ainsworth Leona Ainsworth Soloman Christiano Clire Candice Clire Aaron Clire Ahri Clire Bill Clire Maysie Clire Myler Clire Janel Clire Riven Clire Aamori&Quinton John Aamori Alesha Quinton Katelyn Quinton Kayden Aamori Jeremy Aamori Emiliah Quinton Rihanna Quinton The Kingdom of Decport Sea East Kingdom-Livingstone God Lucien Livingstone Goddess Mercedes Livingstone Emerson Livingstone Dianne Livingstone Nialla