EpisodesSeason 11-Seven Houses, Seven Places2-The Prince Of Winterflard3-Life or Death4-Welcome to Paradise5-Seven Houses, Seven Problems6-Welcome to Hell7-Children's Fate8-The Killer Of His Family9-Power and Justice10-Violence and BloodSeason 21-Death's Daughter2-The Bear and The Maiden3-What is Dead May Not Be Forgotten4-The Dark Child5-The Ghost of Shadowtown6-The Previous Gods and The New7-A Man Without A Soul8-Caethweision9-Bloodbattle10-Alle Slaven Moeten StervenEpisode TableCharactersRemmingtonJenna RemmingtonGroves RemmingtonJulien RemmingtonScarlet RemmingtonIain RemmingtonZehan RemmingtonEddie RemmingtonTattersallFabien TattersallFeerah TattersallShania TattersallPawel TattersallToby Tattersall(DEAD)KimberleyJoseph KimberleyElena KimberleyAnneliese KimberleyKayleb KimberleyAmari KimberleyCavan KimberleyAinsworthKayle AinsworthRonald AinsworthLeona AinsworthSolomanChristianoClireCandice ClireAaron ClireAhri ClireBill ClireMaysie ClireMyler ClireJanel ClireRiven ClireAamori&QuintonJohn AamoriAlesha QuintonKatelyn QuintonKayden AamoriJeremy AamoriEmiliah QuintonRihanna QuintonThe Kingdom of Decport SeaEast Kingdom-LivingstoneGod Lucien LivingstoneGoddess Mercedes LivingstoneEmerson LivingstoneDianne LivingstoneNialla
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