THE WARS TO COME Ep. 101 “Seven Houses, Seven Places” 2.11.15 1

Seven Houses, Seven Places
Season One, Episode One
Vital statistics
Air date December 1st 2015
Written by Christiyan Stoyanov
Directed by Christian Stoyanov
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- 2-The Prince Of Winterflard



A beautiful city. It’s sunny and there are two big pyramids in there. There’s a desert near it too. Someone enters the pyramid and the queen JENNA REMMINGTON (31) is sitting on her throne. The pyramid looks very high and there are steps before you get to kneel in front of your queen. The person who enters the pyramid is an unknown slave. He walks in, kneels, then starts walking again. He then starts climbing those stairs and kneels again.

UNKNOWN SLAVE Your Grace, your citizens want to see you.

Near JENNA, there are two other slaves that are seen as JENNA’s helpers and translators. They fix her hair and do massage for her.

JENNA Fine. I’m interested. What do they want?

The slave stands up. Then he gives JENNA a terrifying look.   Like he is afraid of something. He stops for a second, before actually explaining her what the citizens want. Before he says a word, he looks very unsure and not confident.

UNKNOWN SLAVE T-t…They’re afraid. They think someone is after them.

JENNA looks at him seriously, thinks for a second, then stands up slowly.

JENNA I’m Jenna Remmington, the wife of Groves Remmington! I am the Lady of Moatin and I won’t let anyone hurt the people that live in this city.

THE WARS TO COME Ep. 101 “Seven Houses, Seven Places” 2.11.15 1

CONTINUED:                                               2.

Everyone looks at JENNA.

JENNA(CONT’D) Someone will take care of that. I’m too busy now.

She stops talking for a second, then looks at the slave.


The slave literally starts running from the top of the stairs to the bottom, so he can exit the pyramid faster.

JENNA turns around to her throne again, stops herself for a second and then speaks with these two women that are her helpers and translators.

JENNA My children want to see me!

The two women give her an understanding look, then start preparing themselves for leaving.

JENNA(CONT’D) We need to go.

JENNA and the two women go down the stairs, so they can leave the pyramid. Then, they leave it.



A young woman sits on her bed. Her room looks like a typical room for a princess or a very elite family. She has gold on her walls, on her cups and on the door. Then, another woman knocks on the door.

SCARLET Come in.

It’s JENNA. She opens the door, then she enters in. They both

THE WARS TO COME Ep. 101 “Seven Houses, Seven Places” 2.11.15 1

CONTINUED:                                              3.

Smile for a second. Then, JENNA continues walking and sits on the bed near SCARLET(20). JENNA puts her hands on Scarlet’s face and watches her for a second.

JENNA My young, beautiful princess.

Their smiles grow bigger.

SCARLET Mom, I’m not a little girl now. I am the princess of Moatin.

As her smile grows bigger, JENNA speaks again. This time, a little bit more serious.

JENNA Scarlet, be very careful. Not everyone in this city likes us.

SCARLET watches her mother for a second, then speaks to her again.

SCARLET Don’t worry mom. I’m going to be okay.

JENNA pulls SCARLET closer.

JENNA I’m so proud of you.

As her hands are around SCARLET’s head, she hugs her. After one great hug, they continue their conversation.

SCARLET Mom, you should check dad and brother. I think….dad is still teaching Julien how to fight.

JENNA smiles again.

THE WARS TO COME Ep. 101 “Seven Houses, Seven Places” 2.11.15 1

CONTINUED:                                              4.

JENNA That’s great. The men shall fight, the women shall shine.

SCARLET smiles too.

SCARLET Who even taught you that?

JENNA’s smile grows bigger again.

JENNA My mother. She was a great… I can’t even explain.

The end of smiling. JENNA is now ready to cry, since she starts talking about her mother and SCARLET is serious too.

SCARLET I’m so sorry, mom.

JENNA I swear to God I’ll kill every bastard who has joined, or accepted the tribe of bastards that killed your grandmother.



A battlefield on top of the pyramid. That’s where two men are. The first one is the lord of Moatin, GROVES REMMINGTON(40) and the second one is JULIEN REMMINGTON(25), the unofficial prince of Moatin. They fight each other with a sword, in a sword battle, but GROVES is clearly stronger than JULIEN. JULIEN falls on the ground and GROVES pushes him near the end of the battlefield, so the prince may fall from the pyramid. GROVES points his sword at JULIEN’s neck(throat), then smiles and makes a “not bad” face.

GROVES Not bad.

Then, GROVES leaves his sword and throws him away.

THE WARS TO COME Ep. 101 “Seven Houses, Seven Places” 2.11.15 1


GROVES But you have a lot more to learn.

GROVES gives a hand to JULIEN and helps him stand up.

JULIEN I gotta help my sister now.

GROVES goes to pick up his sword, while listening to JULIEN.

GROVES Why? What does she want now?

JULIEN watches at the sun.

JULIEN A dress from the skin of real wolves.

GROVES (skeptical) Girls.

JULIEN I have to make her happy. She is my sister after all.

GROVES finally picks up his sword and JULIEN turns around.

GROVES And what will she do to you?

JULIEN She picked my suit for the official ceremony. I’m finally going to be an official Prince of Moatin.

GROVES You will.

GROVES gets closer to JULIEN.

THE WARS TO COME Ep. 101 “Seven Houses, Seven Places” 2.11.15 1

CONTINUED:                                              6.

GROVES But you have to be careful. Your mother and I think the same.

JULIEN Why? We are the greatest family on this planet.

GROVES There are idiots out there. The city is full of those.

JULIEN So when is the ceremony going to be?

GROVES When you see the moon again.

JULIEN But…we’re Moatinians. We believe in the sun. Why should we do it when it’s night time?

GROVES Puts his hand on JULIEN’s shoulder and starts speaking to him.

GROVES Because, my son, after the moon, you see the sun. And when the sun comes, a new day starts. If we do it on sun time, you’ll later see the moon. The cruel moon brings only the end of something. Maybe, the end of your life.



A very dark part of a new city. A dark sky, very polluted. Everyone is screaming and they are trying to survive a real massacre. Fire and blood, soldiers and slaves fighting for each other. The army that was killing innocent people was in

THE WARS TO COME Ep. 101 “Seven Houses, Seven Places” 2.11.15 1

CONTINUED:                                              7.

black uniforms. A woman is watching over the battle, in one house.

SHANIA That’s what you get, people of Akadenna! That’s what you get for the death of Toby Tattersall!

SHANIA TATTERSALL(29) smiles like a real villain and then watches them die.


SHANIA continues staring at them.

SHANIA(CONT’D) Is only punishable by death!

She breaks her glass of wine, then puts her hand up.

SHANIA (screaming) FIRE!

Above her, new five men from the army appear. They shoot five arrows and kill more people. After five minutes in watching, many slaves saying “please” and “mercy” and that they want to live, she finally gets back in the house. She then enters it. A girl and a man are sitting there.

SHANIA I’m doing this for you, my king.

The man looks very sad now. The young girl too. The man is FABIEN TATTERSALL(33) and the young girl is FEERAH TATTERSALL(17)

FABIEN They deserve it. They killed my son, my first son. They won’t go away with this.

THE WARS TO COME Ep. 101 “Seven Houses, Seven Places” 2.11.15 1

CONTINUED:                                              8.

SHANIA Just as you say, my lord.

She smiles, FABIEN looks better and not that sad now, but the girl looks sad and never changed her emotions.


FABIEN turns around to FEERAH.

FABIEN Yes, honey?

FEERAH looks very scared.

FEERAH(CONT’D) Am I going to be okay?

FABIEN holds FEERAH’s hands.

FABIEN Yes, you are. Yes, you are!

SHANIA looks bored.

SHANIA Cut the crap, sweetheart. You are the princess of Akadenna. No one will ever hurt you. Again. Ever.

FEERAH Please, stop talking to me.

SHANIA Why? What’s your problem?

FEERAH You are never going to be mom. You are always going to be aunt, or just the woman that sleeps with my dad!

THE WARS TO COME Ep. 101 “Seven Houses, Seven Places” 2.11.15 1

CONTINUED:                                              9.

FEERAH(CONT’D) (screaming) NEVER!

SHANIA looks more evil than ever. FABIEN looks angry and sad at the same time, because FEERAH still hasn’t accepted FABIEN’s new wife, SHANIA and FEERAH looks angry.



A mountain. A big, high mountain with many trees and forests. With rivers and even with some snow at the top. There are five men that try to climb the mountain. They’re helping each other, but there are two other men behind them and they are trying to kill them.

KAYLEB Get off of me, monster!

After these words, he holds some dirt and finally reaches the top of one forest, but it’s still not even close enough to the snow. One of the two evil men try to catch KAYLEB’S(19) foot, but when he does that, KAYLEB kicks them and they fall from the mountain. The five men are safe and reached the top, but the evil man reaches it too. He doesn’t have a choice, so he starts running, but KAYLEB throws a knife and kills him. Then he throws his bag away and takes a bottle of water.

KAYLEB Well, it wasn’t that hard.

After he drinks water, he gives the bottle to BEN(19), so he can drink too.

BEN takes the bottle and drinks from it.

BEN Just the usual amount of watchers.

KAYLEB touches his lips so he can clear his mouth from the bottle of water. He looks happy, cool and tired.

THE WARS TO COME Ep. 101 “Seven Houses, Seven Places” 3.11.15 2

CONTINUED:                                              10.

KAYLEB Maybe, but they actually survived the forest. Never seen that before.

Then, KAYLEB fixes his hair and sits down on the ground. The other five men follow him and sit down there.

KAYLEB So, since I was too busy… Any news from Zhaucver?

KAYLEB turns around to CEN(12). A boy, who is looking at the ground.


CEN realizes KAYLEB is expecting him to answer.

CEN Huh?

KAYLEB looks pissed off, because of CEN.

CEN I was just...--

KAYLEB We have to go.

Everyone looks at KAYLEB.

KAYLEB(CONT’D) I have to see my family again.

CEN, still looking at the ground.

CEN Yeah, only if I had one too.

DAN looks bored.

DAN Cut it out, Cen. Stop crying.

THE WARS TO COME Ep. 101 “Seven Houses, Seven Places” 3.11.15 2

CONTINUED:                                              11.

KAYLEB looks at DAN seriously.

KAYLEB Don’t scream at him.

DAN starts laughing at KAYLEB.

DAN And why? He should stay strong.

KAYLEB, with his head down.

KAYLEB (slowly) He is little. His family got trapped in Akadenna.

DAN gives KAYLEB an understanding look.

KAYLEB You choose where to live. His parents  decided to leave Zhaucver. A big mistake, by the way.

KAYLEB looks sad, he turns to CEN, then to DAN, BEN and the other two men.

KAYLEB But I, I saved him. I lived with him like he was my son. Lol. And now, he is ready to become a warrior.

CEN looks like he’s drown in his deep thoughts.

CEN I am…

KAYLEB looks at CEN again.

KAYLEB Yes, you are.

THE WARS TO COME Ep. 101 “Seven Houses, Seven Places” 3.11.15 2

CONTINUED:                                              12.

CEN and KAYLEB smile.

KAYLEB(CONT’D) Let’s find something to eat now.

KAYLEB stands up.

KAYLEB Go, go, go, go, go.

Everyone stands up and they go and start running and hunting for an animal to kill.



A kingdom with a castle. In the middle of the large mountain called “Mount Zhaucvery”, there’s a huge city named Zhaucver. Above the city, on the top of the large mountain, there are beautiful snowing fields. In the city and under the city, there are large and beautiful forests and green fields.

People are walking and it seems like there’s peace in the town.


A man and a woman were watching the city from the terrace. The woman turns around to the man and starts speaking to him. The woman is ELENA(25) and the man is JOSEPH(35).

ELENA It’s beautiful, my king.

The man turns around to the woman too.

JOSEPH Our city. We are the ones that keep the city from tearing apart.

ELENA puts her hands around JOSEPH’s head and neck.

ELENA And I will like to keep doing it.

THE WARS TO COME Ep. 101 “Seven Houses, Seven Places” 3.11.15 2

CONTINUED:                                              13.

They both smile.

ELENA(CONT’D) Until it’s time to go to the Kingdom of the Death.

JOSEPH turns to ELENA and smiles.

JOSEPH (while smiling) It’s gonna take a long time, honey.

JOSEPH kisses ELENA hardly. After sweet fifteen seconds of that wonderful kiss, ElENA slowly pushes him speaks again.

ELENA But where are our children? Why aren’t they here? Kayleb should’ve been back right now. Anneliese should sing and dance and have fun as always. What happened?


JOSEPH They aren’t kids anymore. Kayleb…is ready to become the next leader of the Zhaucverian army. Anneliese will be the prettiest girl in this city for a long time, until she finds the love of her life.

JOSEPH touches ELENA and swiftly moves her hair.

JOSEPH(CONT’D) Don’t worry, it’s going to be okay.

THE WARS TO COME Ep. 101 “Seven Houses, Seven Places” 3.11.15 2


ELENA kisses JOSEPH again and they go into a long make-out session.



ANNELIESE(16) is standing in front of the mirror. She is fixing her hair and putting a beautiful rose on the top of it. She now fixes her dress more carefully, smiles and makes the cliché princess move and wave. She turns around and sees a man waiting for her. This man is CLARK(19).

ANNELIESE (happily) Clark!

ANNELIESE starts running so she can hug him. Finally, she hugs CLARK.

CLARK (while hugging Anneliese) So happy to see you, my princess!

When their hug ends, ANNELIESE smiles and stands near CLARK.

CLARK(CONT’D) Are you ready to go?

ANNELIESE Sure, I am! I’m ready to go to the actual city. It’s gonna be fun to leave the castle and see how the citizens live.

They both laugh.

CLARK Well, I bet it’s better than Akadenna.


THE WARS TO COME Ep. 101 “Seven Houses, Seven Places” 3.11.15 2



CLARK starts walking.

CLARK Let’s go now.

ANNELIESe gives him the “got it” look and starts walking with him.



RONALD(40) is sitting in the King’s room in Winterflard. He is checking some paper and signs. He looks busy. There is a cup of hot tea near him. He drinks from time to time and he is obviously angry. Someone enters the room. It’s KAYLE(26), his wife.

KAYLE Ronald, the people are waiting.

RONALD hits the table.

RONALD I don’t even fucking care. You leaving me now, alone. I should do my work and sign that shit so I’m the king by rules and signs.

KAYLE looks a little scared.

KAYLE But they don’t know what to do with the traitors. They are waiting for your decision. They need you. Let me do this work for you. You need to go there. This is your city. Our city. Fix it, now. You should.

THE WARS TO COME Ep. 101 “Seven Houses, Seven Places” 3.11.15 2


RONALD looks her scary. Thinks for some seconds, then answers KAYLE.


Moments of silence. No one knows what to reply.

KAYLE What no?

RONALD I’m staying here. This is more important.

KAYLE hits the door.

KAYLE This is serious. This is not a game, Ronald. Your people need you. If you don’t come over there, they are seriously going to get very, very wild.

RONALD (screaming) Leave me alone, woman!

KAYLE (screaming) I said…Go.

RONALD (screaming) The throne belongs to me.

KAYLE (screaming) And you are going to lose it if you don’t stop them.

RONALD (screaming) Fine!

RONALD stands up. He walks closer to Kayle.

THE WARS TO COME Ep. 101 “Seven Houses, Seven Places” 3.11.15 2



RONALD Don’t speak.

RONALD takes her dress off.

KAYLE We really can’t do it right here.

RONALD Shut up or I swear I’ll be balls deep in your mouth too.

RONALD takes off KAYLE’s bra and pants. She stays naked. They start kissing each other.



KAYLE and RONALD, finished with their “work”, walk across the King’s House to exit it and meet their citizens.

RONALD I’m full of energy now. Let’s see what we are gonna do. I’m sorry about that fight. That’s just me, woman.

KAYLE Okay,okay.

RONALD We are gonna put them in the dark prison.

KAYLE That’s a great idea. They might be useful for some food or something.

THE WARS TO COME Ep. 101 “Seven Houses, Seven Places” 3.11.15 2


Silence. They both stop talking for a second.

RONALD Do you think they have something to do with our daughter, Leona?

KAYLE is about to cry. She never felt something worse than her thoughts about her lost daughter.

KAYLE          I…I have no idea. But we          need to know.


RONALD          Don’t worry honey. It’s          all going to be okay.

KAYLE still isn’t happy. She is angry, but sad in the same time. She wants revenge, but she doesn’t know what to do.

KAYLE          We’re going to kill them.          All of them. And I’m slowly          going to watch their faces          before they die.

RONALD smiles.

RONALD          That’s the girl I like. Now,          let’s go and see the betrayers          that got caught.

KAYLE and RONALD open the door of their house and exit it. They continue walking in the snowing field, they meet many people but just walk around them. Some of the people fight and scream, there are some corpses lying on the ground, but that doesn’t stop the king and queen of Winterflard to continue their walk. They are finally at the place they need to be.

KAYLE          We’re here…

THE WARS TO COME Ep. 101 “Seven Houses, Seven Places” 3.11.15 2




A man and a woman are walking down the stairs of their house, one girl is training her sword skills, the other girl is just sitting patiently on the couch and there is one boy that’s playing and running around.

CANDICE (while walking downthe stairs)

Careful, children.

AARON looks at MAYSIE, the child playing with the sword and runs to her.

AARON Maysie! Don’t!

He takes the sword from her, MAYSIE looks mad at him.


MAYSIE starts screaming.

MAYSIE          Give me that, dad! I          want it! I want to          be a sword master!

AHRI, the girl sitting patiently looks at MAYSIE.

AHRI          Maysie, listen to your          dad! Now, you and Bill          sit here and stay quiet          for a while.

MAYSIE, mad at her sister, AHRI and her dad, AARON runs to the couch and sits next to AHRI.

THE WARS TO COME Ep. 101 “Seven Houses, Seven Places” 3.11.15 2


CANDICE             (screaming)          Bill, come over here!

BILL(O.S.)          Just a second, mom!          Fixing my shoes.

After ten seconds of waiting, BILL comes and sits next to AHRI and MAYSIE.

CANDICE          Kids, we have surprising          announcement.

CANDICE and AARON smile, they are in front of their children.

AARON          Your brother and sister,          Myler and Janel are going          to return to Yagoh very          soon.

AHRI          That’s great! How soon, dad?

AARON          We are expecting them to          come tomorrow!

BILL jumps from the couch, from happiness.

BILL          Yay! I’m going to play with          my brother again! That’s like…          super great mega idea!

MAYSIE still looks at the ground.

CANDICE          What’s the matter, Maysie?          Aren’t your happy about their          returning?

MAYSIE          What about Riven, mother?

THE WARS TO COME Ep. 101 “Seven Houses, Seven Places” 3.11.15 2


MAYSIE(CONT’D) Isn’t she a part of our family too?

CANDICE and AARON breathe heavily.

AARON          Forger Riven. Forget about her.

BILL          Is that why our people call          Maysie “the troubled kid”?

MAYSIE             (screaming)          They call me what?

After MAYSIE asks about it, she doesn’t get an answer. She stands up fast and picks up her sword from her father.

AHRI          Bill, shut your mouth! She          should not understand about          this! I mean…

CANDICE runs next to MAYSIE, but MAYSIE continues to scream and tries to get out.

MAYSIE          Leave me alone! I want to          go and kill them!


AARON          Stop it, all of you.

He looks at MAYSIE.

AARON          Maysie, no one calls you          the troubled child. That          is some lies. You are going          to be a princess, just like          your sister, Ahri.

THE WARS TO COME Ep. 101 “Seven Houses, Seven Places” 8.11.15 3


MAYSIE runs from her father.

MAYSIE          But I don’t want to be a sweet,          little princess. I want to kill          people.

Moments of silence. Now, no one can say a thing, because everyone thought that MAYSIE wants to become a princess, even though she gets a little more angry than other people. They all just thought that we all get a little mad sometimes.

After those moments of silence, CANDICE starts laughing quietly. She thinks MAYSIE is just kidding.

CANDICE          Uhm, no, honey, you should          become a princess. We will          find the perfect prince for          you.

MAYSIE          (still screaming)          No, mom, that’s not what          I want!

MAYSIE gets angry and runs out of the room.



A man is sitting on his throne. It’s made of stone, silver, platinum, water and bloody bubbles on it. He has closed his eyes, like he is deep in his thoughts. There is a circle of water in his hands and the place that he is in is magical. It’s the Livingston’s God Home. By that way, by just holding the water in his hands, he can control the entire city around the east sea – Decport Sea. The man is called LUCIEN(47).

LUCIEN          (still with closed eyes)          Come on, come on, come on…

A woman enters the room. Her name is MERCEDES(31).

THE WARS TO COME Ep. 101 “Seven Houses, Seven Places” 8.11.15 3


She sits on the second, smaller throne near LUCIEN and after a brief delay, the bubble appears in her hands too. Now, she could do the same thing as LUCIEN – control the city around the east Decport Sea.

LUCIEN          The world is in the God’s          hand.

They continue doing their ritual – they close their eyes, put their hands up and control the city.

LUCIEN(CONT’D)          And the beautiful Goddess,          Mercedes helps him.

Moments of silence again. Their ritual starts hurting.

MERCEDES          I think that’s enough for          today, Lucien.

LUCIEN stops. He stands up.

LUCIEN          Fine. You can stop.

MERCEDES stops too. She looks at him, then she takes his hand. She stands up and they start walking. After half a minute or so, they finally exit the Livingstone’s God Home.


Citizens are living their life. They are selling fishes, staying around some “restaurants”. When LUCIEN and MERCEDES walk around the citizens, they kneel. The God and the Goddess don’t say a word to them. They just continue walking. They cross a river or two, more than five restaurants and thousands peasants, when MERCEDES finally reaches what she wanted. They stop.

MERCEDES          I’ll see you…Soon…          Maybe after a hour          or so.

THE WARS TO COME Ep. 101 “Seven Houses, Seven Places” 8.11.15 3


LUCIEN gives her the “I Understand” look.

MERCEDES(CONT’D)          I have some work to do. We          will meet again at the          Livingstone’s God Home.

They keep staring at each other.

LUCIEN          I’ll see you soon. Bye.

LUCIEN continues walking and MERCEDES enters the building she wanted to enter. It’s the “Woman’s Talking Building”. Women get in there, so they can drink coffee or water and talk to each other, because in Decport Sea, women can’t do that. They are supposed to stay at home and do the dishes or clean.


MERCEDES walks in. They all kneel to her. She watches them for a second, staying silent.

MERCEDES          Relax. I’m not here to check how          well you clean or make your husband          happy.

They continue kneeling.

MERCEDES(CONT’D)          Stand up. Do your work, continue          your talking. I wanna hear them.

She sits on a chair near them. The women finally stand up and continue their stories.



An empty place, full of memorials, monuments, hoarstones. It’s empty, but it’s sunny. It has many buildings in it, but they are empty too. There isn’t anyone out there. It looks like it’s autumn. It has many fallen leaves on the ground. The only people that are out are the cleaners. They are trying to get

THE WARS TO COME Ep. 101 “Seven Houses, Seven Places” 8.11.15 3


the flowers together and keep them. They fail though, because it’s literally “raining flowers”. It’s not raining just flowers, it’s just raining too, but it’s sunny. The sun is shining brightly. The cleaners keep cleaning.


A man is standing around the mirror. This man is JOHN AAMORI(30). He is holding a woman. This woman is ALESHA QUINTON(25). JOHN is holding her tummy, because she is pregnant. They are happy. They are smiling. Suddenly, ALESHA speaks.

ALESHA               (still smiling)               The next John Aamori.

JOHN smiles even brighter. He looks at her.

JOHN And the one and only Alesha Quinton, soon to be Aamori.

JOHN and ALESHA kiss.

ALESHA My sisters are coming home soon.

JOHN That’s great! And my two sword- brothers are going to be really happy too.

ALESHA starts laughing.

ALESHA I’m sure they are going to find their soulmates too.

They look at each other.

ALESHA(CONT’D) Just like us.

THE WARS TO COME Ep. 101 “Seven Houses, Seven Places” 8.11.15 3


They kiss again.


The other side of the city. The first side, that is first shown – the quiet, more mature one. Now, the second side. The smaller side. Crazy amount of people, waiting for the JOHN and ALESHA wedding. A woman is sitting on a table in a restaurant. She has ordered drinks and two whiskeys. This woman is KATELYN QUINTON(40). She is waiting for someone.

After a minute or so, a man finally appears. That man is PETER(39). He sits opposite to Katelyn and starts talking to her.

PETER               Hello, milady.

She is looking at the table and almost doesn’t recognize him.

She looks at him and then smiles.

KATELYN Oh, hello. I didn’t really recognize you, I’m sorry.

PETER smiles too, then continues the conversation.

PETER The people of Yagoh want to present their presents to our new king and queen.

KATELYN looks like she’s blown away. She doesn’t reply fast and it looks like she thinks about something else.

KATELYN Oh, right. So, what’s the question?

PETER looks more serious now.

PETER When are they going to gift them.             

THE WARS TO COME Ep. 101 “Seven Houses, Seven Places” 8.11.15 3


Moments of silence.

PETER(CONT’D)               That’s the question.

KATELYN doesn’t reply at all.

PETER(CONT’D)               Hello? A wedding’s gonna               happen and I need your               answers, so I can plan it.               You didn’t forget I’m their               helper, did you?

KATELYN finally looks at him again.

KATELYN               Right, I am sorry again. I just…               don’t really know what’s happening.               It’s all going on so fast and…--

PETER               I can totally understand you.

PETER smiles. KATELYN smiles too.

PETER(CONT’D)               Everyone can.

Moments of silence again.

PETER(CONT’D)               As long as they’re in your place.

KATELYN looks unsure.

KATELYN               W-w-what are you trying               to say?

The drinks are finally ready. The waitress serves them their drinks. PETER picks his drink and drinks a bit from it.

PETER               What I was trying to say from               day one I’ve met you.

THE WARS TO COME Ep. 101 “Seven Houses, Seven Places” 8.11.15 3


PETER gives KATELYN that “evil” look.

KATELYN               I don’t understand.

PETER               I can help you, milady. I can               help you, your daughter and               her husband. I can be their               guide, adviser and aide.

KATELYN looks down again.

KATELYN I’m not sure if my daughter will like this. I’ll think about it.

PETER continues with the evil looks.

PETER That’s what I wanted to hear. An actual, adequate Katelyn. Now, keep the smile on. Your daughter’s gonna marry. I don’t know how often I’m saying this.

KATELYN suddenly “wakes up” and reacts faster than before.

KATELYN Wait, are you go—

PETER Bye bye.

PETER breaks the glass with his drink, then stands up and runs away.

KATELYN is left alone again. She picks up her drink and drinks, while sitting lonely on the table in the restaurant.


ALESHA is getting ready. Women put her makeup on and help her dress up. She looks really beautiful. She fixes her hair too, while watching in the mirror. She smiles. She then sits down

THE WARS TO COME Ep. 101 “Seven Houses, Seven Places” 8.11.15 3


on a chair, so they can help her with her shoes. Even though she can do it alone, she doesn’t. That’s the ritual in Yagoh. Her smile grows even bigger, then she starts speaking.

ALESHA               Thanks ladies.

They continue making her up.


JOHN is standing up there. He is in his wedding suit and is waiting for ALESHA. After the hallway, there are Wedding steps, where the wedding actually starts from. He is still waiting for her. He then tries to fix his shoe. He actually fixes it. JOHN almost starts sweating, which is really bad for him.


Many people are waiting for the wedding. KATELYN is running. She finally makes it in time and sits next to PETER. Only couple of people can sit, the other should stand up and just wait for it. That’s what the slaves and normal citizens do. KATELYN speaks to PETER.

KATELYN               Crap, am I late?

PETER, not even looking at her, replies.

PETER               You arrived just in time. They               will be almost there.

KATELYN               Thank God.

PETER               Now, just sit there and watch. I’m               sure they are going to be gorgeous.

KATELYN smiles.

KATELYN               I’m sure too.

THE WARS TO COME Ep. 101 “Seven Houses, Seven Places” 3.11.15 2


PETER               (while making the noise)               Shhhh, they are coming.

KATELYN               Alright.

They start watching.


ALESHA is finally ready for her wedding. She has a long, beautiful white dress and she stands up. She starts walking, while the other women in that room smile. She exits the room.


JOHN is still waiting. He gets really nervous.

JOHN               (to himself, quietly)               Don’t sweat, don’t sweat.

ALESHA enters the hallway. JOHN sees her and smiles. She even starts crying, she runs to him.

ALESHA                  JOHN               John!                   Alesha!

They hug each other, then kiss. After these words, they start walking in the hallway and they are heading to the exit of the hallway and the start of the wedding steps. They continue walking, while everyone is screaming. JOHN and ALESHA can hear their scream even when they didn’t exit the hallway. JOHN and ALESHA are finally there. Just one door opening and they are going to see thousands of people crying from happiness to them. They grab each other’s hands and look at each other. ALESHA smiles.

ALESHA               Let’s do this.

After these words, JOHN opens the door and they exit the hallway.