THE WARS TO COME Season 1 Episode 2 “The Prince of Winterflard” 11.11. 15.                                                        1.


EXT. – THE YAGOH WEDDING STEPS – DAY (D2)               1

The Prince of Winterflard
Season One, Episode Two
Vital statistics
Air date December 7th 2015
Written by Christian Stoyanov
Directed by Christian Stoyanov
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1-Seven Houses, Seven Places 3-Life or Death

and ALESHA are walking down the stairs. They are very happy and are in their Wedding Costumes. KATELYN and PETER are watching them and are very happy. RIHANNA(20) and EMILIAH(20), ALESHA’s sisters are watching too. They are half-happy and half-jealous.

RIHANNA               When are we going to find our               men?

UNKNOWN MAN(KAYDEN)               They’re right behind you, beautiful.

There are two unknown men…or not so unknown. They are JOHN’s brothers. The first brother is KAYDEN(25) and the other brother is JEREMY(25). KAYDEN takes RIHANNA’s hand and kisses it.

KAYDEN(CONT’D)               Kayden Aamori, my grace.

RIHANNA smiles.

RIHANNA               Rihanna Quinton.


KAYDEN               Let’s go somewhere else, it’s               too loud here. We’re gonna have               so much fun together.

RIHANNA and KAYDEN exit the wedding. JEREMY and EMILIAH smile at each other.

After a minute, they do the same.

The pop starts speaking.

THE POP               We are here to celebrate this               day and night for the wedding…

THE WARS TO COME Season 1 Episode 2 “The Prince of Winterflard” 11.11. 15.                                                        2.

ALESHA and JOHN look at each other.

THE POP(CONT’D)               Of John Aamori, third of his name…

The citizens clap and scream from happiness.

THE POP(CONT’D)               And Alesha Quinton soon to be               Aamori, first of her name,               daughter of the woman survivor               Katelyn Quinton.

The citizens clap and scream from happiness again.

THE POP(CONT’D)               You, John Aamori, do you accept               Alesha Quinton-Aamori as your               legal wife, until death spilts               you apart?

JOHN smiles at ALESHA.

JOHN               Yes, I do.

The citizens scream and clap.

THE POP               You, Alesha Quinton, soon to be               Aamori, daughter of the woman               survivor Katelyn Quinton…do you               accept John Aamori as your legal               husband, until death splits you               apart?

ALESHA is shaking.

ALESHA               Yes, I do.

The citizens continue screaming and clapping.

THE POP does Yagonian ritual.

THE WARS TO COME Season 1 Episode 2 “The Prince of Winterflard” 11.11. 15.                                                        3.

THE POP Du kan kyssa din fru nu. (You can kiss your wife now).

CITIZEN               Sorakan untuk ratu dan               raja!               (Cheers for the queen               and the king!)

All the citizens scream and continue clapping.

ALESHA               I love you.

JOHN               I love you too.

They finally kiss at their wedding.


JOHN and ALESHA are dancing, then they kiss. The citizens continue shouting.


Everyone is sitting on many tables and they are eating a cake.


The women are dancing on the tables. The men are thirsty for their bodies and want sex. Later, one of the men jumps on the table too and starts kissing one of the women.


KATELYN is running around the Wedding Place and PETER is following her.

PETER               Your grace, slow down.

KATELYN finally realizes who is talking to her and slows down.

KATELYN               Hello?

THE WARS TO COME Season 1 Episode 2 “The Prince of Winterflard” 11.11. 15.                                                        4.

KATELYN turns around to PETER.

KATELYN(CONT’D)               What’s the matter?

PETER smiles.

PETER               I have a great idea.

KATELYN               Let me hear it.

PETER               My sons can marry your two               daughters.

KATELYN smiles, but fake-ish.

KATELYN               That’s a great idea, but…               I think Rihanna has found               her prince, Kayden Aamori.

PETER               That’s nice, but what about               your other daughter?

KATELYN               She likes Jeremy Aamori.               The two families-Quinton               and Aamori are going to               unite. Together.

PETER               Nice. I guess we’re just               going to be friends. I               have to go. See you later.

PETER continues walking and leaves KATELYN alone.

KATELYN               (to herself)               Holy crap…

THE WARS TO COME Season 1 Episode 2 “The Prince of Winterflard” 11.11. 15.                                                        5.



KAYDEN and RIHANNA are laying on the grass. They hug each other and watch the dawn.

RIHANNA               It all happened so fast…               I love it.


KAYDEN               One day, we will run away               from this city.

RIHANNA               Is that what you want? Because               if you want it, I’m in.

KAYDEN smiles.

KAYDEN               It won’t be that easy.

RIHANNA stands up and sits on KAYDEN.

RIHANNA               But I want something else…

She starts kissing him, then takes off her clothes.


JEREMY and EMILIAH open the door and enter JEREMY’s house.

They take off their clothes and lay on the bed.

JEREMY               I love you.

EMILIAH               I love you too.

They continue kissing.

THE WARS TO COME Season 1 Episode 2 “The Prince of Winterflard” 11.11. 15.                                                        6.



On the lowest floor, there are more than ten chairs. JENNA and GROVES are sitting on their thrones in the middle of the pyramid. SCARLET and JULIEN are sitting on the right of the pyramid. There are some normal citizens there, but only elite ones. They are all smiling.

After ten seconds, JENNA stands up and goes up the stairs, so she can announce something.

JENNA               People of Moatin… We’re               here to celebrate this               beautiful, sunny day by               crowning our newest and               only prince and princess               of Moatin. Their names are…               Julien Remmington, the second               of his name, prince of               Moatin and son of the king               of Moatin – Groves Remmington               and the queen of Moatin – me,               Jenna Remmington.

The citizens and slaves of Moatin clap for their new prince.

JENNA(CONT’D) And Scarlet Remmington, first of her name, the princess of Moatin, the daughter of the King of Moatin and the Queen of Moatin.

The citizens clap again.

GROVES Do the prince and the princess have anything to say?

SCARLET and JULIEN just smile. They don’t say a word and JENNA gets the hint.

THE WARS TO COME Season 1 Episode 2 “The Prince of Winterflard” 11.11. 15.                                                        8.

JENNA smiles too.

JENNA               Then, let’s move to the cake!

JULIEN               Yes, the  cake!

SCARLET is sitting to an old man. This man is her grandfather, EDDIE REMMINGTON(53). SCARLET turns to him.

SCARLET               Grandfather, are you happy?

EDDIE looks like he’s deep in his thoughts.

EDDIE Yes, yes, I’m alright. But still, how are you going to prove me that you are the people that should be the prince and princess of Moatin?

SCARLET looks surprised.

SCARLET But… We are the Remmingtons. We deserve it--

EDDIE That’s not how it works, my girl. Lyanna Remmington was your great-grandmother and my mother. Do you know how she died?


EDDIE The citizens impaled her.

SCARLET Oh my god.

THE WARS TO COME Season 1 Episode 2 “The Prince of Winterflard” 11.11. 15.                                                        9.

EDDIE Here’s another secret.

SCARLET What is it?

EDDIE The girl you thought was your grandmother, Joanna Remmington, wasn’t officially a Remmington.

SCARLET What are you talking about?

EDDIE I married her. It happened. That’s all.

SCARLET Oh my god…

JENNA is serving the pie. JULIEN pours more whiskey to him and GROVES, then sits there and watches three strippers come and start dancing on the table.

GROVES puts his hands behind his head.

GROVES               Oh, that’s the life.


JENNA               Are you guys having fun? It’s               very nice to meet you, Lord               Remmington.

She smiles.

EDDIE               Very nice to meet you too,               Jenna.

JENNA               Scarlet, my dear princess,               are you having fun?

THE WARS TO COME Season 1 Episode 2 “The Prince of Winterflard” 11.11. 15.                                                        10.

SCARLET smiles.

SCARLET               Yes mom, I’m okay. I’m               learning about our               backstory. I think I do               deserve to know about that.

JENNA gives him the “no” look. EDDIE shoulnd’t tell SCARLET that much, but he just smiles.

EDDIE               Scarlet, let’s go somewhere else.

SCARLET               Why?

EDDIE stands up and takes SCARLET’s hand.

EDDIE               I have a gift to you.

SCARLET               That’s…great, grandfather.

EDDIE               Let’s go now.

EDDIE smiles. SCARLET stands up too.

JENNA               I’m glad, Scarlet, you’ll               learn something different               than our backstory. That’s               something…not very good.

SCARLET smiles too, a little confused.

SCARLET               Uhm…sure…but…I don’t know               why.

JENNA               Just go.

SCARLET               Sure.

THE WARS TO COME Season 1 Episode 2 “The Prince of Winterflard” 11.11. 15.                                                        11.


GROVES and JULIEN are drinking wine and discussing the girls.

GROVES               When are you getting’               married, son?

JULIEN               Please, I have to find               the right girl.

GROVES finishes his wine.

GROVES               Don’t act like the king,               act like the prince -               screw five girls if you want.


SCARLET and EDDIE exit the Pyramid room and get into the Pyramid terrace.

EDDIE               Scarlet…

SCARLET               Yes, grandfather?

EDDIE takes out a necklace. It’s very beautiful and gives it to SCARLET.

EDDIE               I want you to take your               grandmother’s necklace.

SCARLET takes it and looks at it. She is almost in tears.

SCARLET               It’s beautiful…


SCARLET               Very beautiful…


THE WARS TO COME Season 1 Episode 2 “The Prince of Winterflard” 11.11. 15.                                                        12.



KAYLE and RONALD are watching their criminals and traitors lying there, screaming in pain.

KAYLE looks at RONALD.

KAYLE               What should we do now?

RONALD watches them.

RONALD               Do you know anything about               Leona Ainsworth?

No one says a thing.

RONALD(CONT’D)               Let’s put them in the dungeon.               We’ll give them food only so

              they can live a long life, so               they can suffer over fifty years,               they will drink water from the               floor and they will be butt-naked               and cold for the rest of their               lives.

There are slaves that help RONALD to take the criminals and put them in the dungeon. After a second, RONALD and KAYLE see a girl walking down the snowing stairs. That’s…LEONA AINSWORTH(17).

KAYLE               What is this…Is this…

RONALD               Yes, baby…It’s her…

LEONA turns around.

LEONA               Mother…

She starts walking to KAYLE and RONALD.

THE WARS TO COME Season 1 Episode 2 “The Prince of Winterflard” 11.11. 15.                                                        13.

She finally reaches them. KAYLE touches LEONA.

KAYLE               I…

RONALD               We…

KAYLE               We really missed you, honey.

RONALD               How was the trip, snowflake?

LEONA               We…We almost got murdered, but               I’m okay now.

KAYLE               Do those traitor criminals have               something to do with you and the               Akadenna massacre?

LEONA               Nothing, mother. You don’t have               to worry. But they had something               to do with my prince.

KAYLE               What are you talking about?

LEONA               The prince of Winterflard. I’m               married to Soloman, the prince.

KAYLE               When did all this happen?

LEONA After we went to Akadenna, we lived happily there, but after the massacre there, we moved in the mountains of Winterflard. There, we married. Christiano is Soloman’s best friend.

THE WARS TO COME Season 1 Episode 2 “The Prince of Winterflard” 11.11. 15.                                                        14.

RONALD               He’s gotta prove himself               in frontta me then.

LEONA               Oh, stop it, dad! They are               both awesome and will arrive               very soon.

A car, designed specially for Winterflard, stops. Two men get out of the car. They are SOLOMAN(23) and CHRISTIANO(20). They reach LEONA, KAYLE and RONALD. They are both handsome, young men. They arrive. Some boys stop CHRISTIANO, so he switches his direction, but SOLOMAN continues, so he can reach RONALD, KAYLE and LEONA.

He’s finally in front of them. He kisses LEONA, then kneels.

After a moment, he looks at them, still kneeling.

SOLOMAN               Your grace…


AARON, CANDICE, AHRI, MAYSIE and BILL are outside. They are all in official clothes, so they can meet their relatives – MYLER,16, and JANEL,15, CLIRE. Their garden is beautiful. They’re outside and are talking.

MAYSIE               How long do we have to               wait?

CANDICE touches MAYSIE and asks her to stop complaining.

CANDICE               Please, be patient, honey.               They’re almost here.

Suddenly, two people arrive. A boy and a girl. Their names are MYLER CLIRE, 16, and JANEL CLIRE, 15. MYLER is a boy with medium long black hair with straight bangs. JANEL has brown hair and black eyes. They are both very beautiful.

THE WARS TO COME Season 1 Episode 2 “The Prince of Winterflard” 11.11. 15.                                                        15.

MYLER is a dark person. Not a dark color, but dark past. He’s mysterious and can’t look at his family. JANEL is way more happy and she is shining. She’s prepared to see her family. They both arrive.

JANEL hugs her mother and then her brother and sisters. MYLER shakes hand with his father.

CANDICE               Janel, Myler, so glad to               see you here! Where have               you been all the time?

JANEL smiles.

JANEL               Let’s get in the house,               oh, I’m so excited to               see if it’s different!

They start walking.

CANDICE               Let’s get in our hose. Come               on, children.


AARON, AHRI, MAYSIE, BILL, MYLER and JANEL CLIRE are sitting around their big table. They have an empty dish and an empty cup. It’s quiet. No one speaks a word. It’s awkward, because AHRI, MAYSIE and BILL are little. They will probably screw up some things if they say something. AARON doesn’t say a word too, but that’s not because he’s little. He’s the biggest person in House Clire. Biggest is different than oldest. He’s looking at the table. He doesn’t really want to look at his children. He’s thinking about something, but he doesn’t tell what he’s thinking about. JANEL is happy, because she still doesn’t realize what’s going on. AHRI is next to JANEL and JANEL turns around to AHRI.

JANEL               (whispering)               Why are we so quiet?

THE WARS TO COME Season 1 Episode 2 “The Prince of Winterflard” 11.11. 15.                                                        16.

AHRI rolls her eyes. She looks tired of JANEL’s happiness and nonsense.

AHRI               (whispering)               Just stay quiet, okay?               You should be.

JANEL’s smile disappears from her face.

JANEL now looks like her father, looking at the table.

Suddenly, CANDICE appears again. She’s bringing wine. She starts circling around the table, just so she can pour some wine into MYLER’s, JANEL’s, AHRI’s and AARON’s cups. It’s MAYSIE’s cup now.

MAYSIE               What about me?

CANDICE touches MAYSIE’s head.

CANDICE               Juice coming for the               children.

MAYSIE hits her hand in the table.

Everyone turns around to her.

MAYSIE               I’m not a child, I’m a               soldier!

CANDICE smiles.

CANDICE               No, sweethea—

AARON interrupts CANDICE.

AARON               Let her be what she wants               to.

CANDICE rolls her eyes too. She goes to a different room, so she can find the juice for her children.

THE WARS TO COME Season 1 Episode 2 “The Prince of Winterflard” 11.11. 15.                                                        17.

Silence again. Silence, until CANDICE enters the room again.

CANDICE this time circles the table just to pour juice into MAYSIE’s and BILL’s cups. The dinner is ready too. She brings a big dish of chicken and salad into it. Everyone has his fork and grabs a part of the chicken and the salad. They start eating. CANDICE tries to break the silence.

CANDICE               So, where have you been all               the time?

MYLER doesn’t look at his mother, but answers her.

MYLER               I think the more important               question is who were you looking               for all that time.

CANDICE looks surprised.

CANDICE               Fine then.

She smiles.

CANDICE               Who were you looking for?

MYLER smiles, but ironically.

MYLER               Riven. Riven Clire.

JANEL               What? No, I didn’t. I was just               working in the West of Decport               Sea. I had the chance to meet               Mercedes and Lucien Livingstone,               mom! That’s great, right?

MAYSIE               Uhm, idiot, they are in the East               of Decport Sea.

AARON               Maysie!

THE WARS TO COME Season 1 Episode 2 “The Prince of Winterflard” 11.11. 15.                                                        18.

MAYSIE               What? I’m telling the tru—

MYLER interrupts her.

MYLER               When is Riven coming back, mom?

CANDICE makes that “Stop it!” face to MYLER. She looks frustrated, because she and MYLER know that this is inappropriate theme for them. RIVEN is an exile, a child that’s split from her family when she was very young. She’s nowhere to be found. Aaron “stabs” the table with his knife.

AARON               Never.

Everyone jumps, because they’re scared. AARON is very annoyed.

AAARON               Riven is never coming back.

MYLER, even though he is a boy, makes the biggest bitch face a person can imagine.

THE WARS TO COME Season 1 Episode 2 “The Prince of Winterflard” 11.11. 15.                                                        19.


It’s snowing. Snowing and raining. RONALD, KAYLE, LEONA and SOLOMAN are walking in the corridor. That’s a special corridor, it’s one of the highest places in Winterflard. It’s located on the Snow Castle of Winterflard. They’re talking about Winterflard.

RONALD(O.S.)               Winterflard is one of the oldest               kingdoms in the history of The               North.

RONALD               It’s building has been created               by the Ainsworths more than twenty               years ago. The Ainsworths have never               ever fell down.

THE WARS TO COME Season 1 Episode 2 “The Prince of Winterflard” 11.11. 15.                                                        20.

RONALD(CONT’D)               They’ve been the rulers of               this place forever. That’s               what a great house we are.

They keep walking.

KAYLE I bet we’re the greatest house of the Earth.

SOLOMAN               Oh, I’m sure you are. It’s a               honor for me to share a hour with               you, your grace.

RONALD               Oh, and I’m sure it is. Now, you               have to prove yourself to me and               your queen.

SOLOMAN               What do you mean, your grace?

RONALD               To prove you’re the real prince of               Winterflard.

SOLOMAN               How can I do that, your grace?

KAYLE               I don’t have a problem with it. It’s               your king that wants you to fight like               the poorest slave.

RONALD hits one of the windows while walking.

RONALD               Shut up, woman!

SOLOMAN               Your grace, May I ask again? How               do I have to prove myself? I’ll do               anything for the love of my life,               Leona.

THE WARS TO COME Season 1 Episode 2 “The Prince of Winterflard” 11.11. 15.                                                        21.

RONALD stops.

After a moment, they stop too.

RONALD               The fuckers that betrayed our               kingdom should have a trial.

              Because, I believe, everyone               should have a chance to be free.

SOLOMAN kneels to his king.

SOLOMAN Anything, your grace.

Suddenly, a part of the Winterflard army appears.

RONALD (screaming) Now, take him!

The army chains up SOLOMAN and takes him. LEONA immediately “jumps”.

LEONA No, father, no! What are you doing right now? No, please! I’m gonna leave!

RONALD smiles like a true devil.


SOLOMAN is sitting on the bench in his cell. He’s looking at the ground. He can’t look at anything else. He’s humming a song, but he doesn’t really do anything else. Darkness. Just Darkness.

Suddenly, LEONA appears. She’s crying, but slowly walks to him. She sits next to him. She hugs him, then he hugs her too. He lies on the bench, because there isn’t a bed. She follows him, she’s sad. Her head’s on his chest.

SOLOMAN Don’t worry…It’s all going to be fine.

THE WARS TO COME Season 1 Episode 2 “The Prince of Winterflard” 11.11. 15.                                                        22.

She continues crying, because he’s in the Winterflard prison.

LEONA               I really hope so. If not, then               I’m going to kill my father.

He hugs her harder.

SOLOMAN               Don’t…Just…whatever happens, please,               remember that I’ll be right next to               you.

THE WARS TO COME Season 1 Episode 2 “The Prince of Winterflard” 11.11. 15.                                                        23.


KAYLEB is sleeping. CEN, BEN and DAN are sleeping too. The sun’s up now. KAYLEB wakes up slowly, but he manages to get his knife.

KAYLEB               Sweet Jesus, where are we…

He suddenly finds out that the entire place is snowy. He doesn’t know where he is, but it looks…different than yesterday. That’s because the entire place is full of snow, there’s no mountain anymore, just snow. Anywhere he steps – snow, snow, snow, He figures it out that he can’t escape now. He runs to his friends, so he can wake them up.

KAYLEB(CONT’D)               Wake up, friends! Wake up!

DAN wakes up.

DAN               What’s up?

KAYLEB               (screaming)               Wake up! Wake up!

DAN stands up. CEN and BEN wake up.

THE WARS TO COME Season 1 Episode 2 “The Prince of Winterflard” 11.11. 15.                                                        24.

CEN               Uhm, Kayleb, what’s wrong with               this place? Where are we?

BEN               I guess it’s the same place, idiot.               Just…too much snow.

KAYLEB               Don’t call him idiot.

BEN slowly walks to KAYLEB.

BEN               Or what?

KAYLEB, without a second thought, stabs BEN with his knife.

KAYLEB               Or that.

BEN is lying on the ground now. Dead.

CEN               Thank you...Just...

Everyone’s very surprised.

KAYLEB               There’s no time to waste. We have               to find a way.

CEN and DAN follow KAYLEB, but they are very scared.


Even though polluted, the playground is still open. FEERAH is playing with her new friend – PAWELL(15). They are running and trying to get faster to the slide, that’s painted with blood. FEERAH and PAWELL don’t care, because, FEERAH is the king’s daughter and PAWELL is the king’s daughter friend.

FEERAH’s first on the slide. She’s already sliding down. When she finishes her slide, she can’t move, because she’s stuck between dead bodies. That’s gross, but she dealt with it, because it happens too often to her.

THE WARS TO COME Season 1 Episode 2 “The Prince of Winterflard” 11.11. 15.                                                         25.

PAWELL is next on line of the slide. He slides, and lands right next to FEERAH. He’s behind her, very close to her.

PAWELL               Gotcha! Haha!

FEERAH turns around and smiles at him. PAWELL smiles at her too. After a short amount of time, the things just happen.

They kiss.

FEERAH               Wow…you’re a great…kisser…

He holds her, but she tries to push him away.

FEERAH(CONT’D)               We can’t, my father may see us!


FABIEN is watching them, hidden in the bushes. He’s not really happy about that.

FABIEN               (to himself)               I already did, Feerah.

He has that evil face right now.


PAWELL holds FEERAH harder.

He looks at her.

PAWELL               You have nothing to be               afraid of, as long as I’m               with you.

FEERAH stands up.

FEERAH               I won’t, but you might be               afraid that you won’t catch               me! Haha!

THE WARS TO COME Season 1 Episode 2 “The Prince of Winterflard” 11.11. 15.                                                        26.

FEERAH laughs and starts running.

PAWELL laughs too, then stands up from that children slide and starts running after FEERAH.

FABIEN still watches them from the bush. Since they keep running, FABIEN tries to stop them and comes out of the bush.

FABIEN               I’m glad you kids are having               fun.

FEERAH rolls her eyes. Then smiles.

FEERAH               Oh, come on, dad, we’re not kids.               We just came here so...We can feel               like kids.

FABIEN gives her that “I understand” look.

FABIEN               Pawell, may I talk to you, please?

PAWELL               Uh, sure. Let’s go.

FEERAH looks a bit surprised that PAWELL doesn’t say “your grace” or kneel to the king. She wonders why, then starts laughing and sits on a bench, while waiting for PAWELL and FABIEN.


FABIEN and PAWELL walk, then stop in the bushes. PAWELL is in front of FABIEN, but he turns around to face him.

FABIEN               I’m glad you’re enjoying this.

PAWELL               We both know, you won’t say a               thing like that.

FABIEN laughs.

THE WARS TO COME Season 1 Episode 2 “The Prince of Winterflard” 11.11. 15.                                                        27.

FABIEN               Why would you think that?

PAWELL               Because we’re playing in a               yard full of corpses. We step               on them and touch them when we               slide down the slides.

FABIEN gets really angry.

FABIEN               (shouting at PAWELL)               This isn’t even the problem!

PAWELL               Then what is it, dad? Do you               have another children? Wow.               What a surprise. I’m an               only child. Now, please, let               me enjoy the moments with my               new girlfriend.

PAWELL walks back to FEERAH. FABIEN is left alone in the bushes. He looks really worried.