"My children want to see me!"
―Jenna Remmington to Joan.
Jenna Remmington
Seasons 1
Appeared in 10 episodes (see below)
First Seen 1-Seven Houses, Seven Places
Last Seen 6-Welcome to Hell
Titles Queen;

Queen of Moatin;

Queen Mother;

Queen of Moatin's Suns;

Status Alive
Age 31
Origin Sunsparkle, Moatin
Allegiance House Neé

House Remmington (by marriage)

Culture Alive
Family Groves Remmington - [first husband]

Scarlet Remmington - [daughter]

Julien Remmington - [son]

Zehan Remmington - [son]

Iain Remmington - [son]

Eddie Remmington - [husband's father]

Joainne Remmington - [husband's father's wife]

Jenna Remmington is the queen of Moatin. She is married to Groves Remmington. She has comparatively curly, brown hair and green eyes. She has light, white skin and she is tall.

Season One appearances
Seven Houses, Seven Places The Prince of Winterflard Life or Death Welcome to Paradise Seven Houses, Seven Problems
Welcome to Hell Children's Fate Killer of His Family Power and Justice Violence and Blood