"Power is Justice."

-Motto of House Remmington.


The House Edit

REGION: Moatin

RESIDENCE: Sunsparkle, the Moatineese Capital.

SIGIL: A golden sun on a sky-color field.

MOTTO: "Power is Justice."

Vassals Edit

  • House Sunsdawn
  • House Madigan
  • House Wynn
  • House Locke

Family Members Edit

-Lord Eddie Remmington

-Lady Joainne Remmington, Eddie's wife.

-Groves Remmington, Eddie and Joainne's child.

-Jenna Remmington née Tunney, Groves' wife.

-Julien Remmington, their first child.

-Scarlet Remmington, their second child.

-Iain Remmington, their third child, held away.

-Zehan Remmington, their youngest, fourth child, a baby.

-Jania Remmington, Groves' long, lost sister.